Parking is limited downtown Bloomington.  We do not have a parking lot; it is public street parking. Please utilize the parking garage located on Center St. between Monroe and Market - plan accordingly.  Street parking MON-FRI prior to 6pm is only 90 min.   PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE 15MIN PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS; as painting begins promptly at class start time!  The studio will be open 30min prior to the start of class. Thank you!!


Masterpiece Gallery

Blue Moon, Katie Butler
Big Orange - Emily
Night Clouds - Emily
Pumpkin Time - Emily
Santa - Emily
Bike -
Family Tree -
Strings -
Vino -
Vinyl -
Red Riches
Blue Night -
Looking Up -
66 -
Aurora Borealis -
Bird -
Cassette -
Fruit -
Guitar -
Big Flower
Wreath -
Personal Pumpkin -
Silent Night -
Smokey Mts -
Snowman -
Waterfall -
Waterlily -
Winter Forest -
Flower Vase - Emily
Hidden Magic - Emily
Northern Lights -
Fall Reflection -
Baseball -
Wood Pumpkin -
Day Star - Kelly
Lakeview - Kelly
Lotus New - Kelly
Mushrooms - Kelly
Pumpkins -
Rustic Flowers -
The Dove -
Waking Up - Katie
Barn Yard - Katie
Buck -
Fairy Tree -
Field of Lavender -
Flower Parade -
Hydrangea on the fence
Charlie Brown Tree -
Two Cardinals -
Let Freedom Fly
Lilac Path -
Silent Night -
Beta Blue -
Palm Tree of Color
Butterfly Wishes -
Make me Smile -
Wagon Wheel
Red Wine -
White Pumpkins -
Fall Sunset
Autumn Stairs - Melissa
Summer Nights - Melissa
Snow Globe
Moonlight Hike -
Winter Red Barn
Autumn Flower
Dr. Orders
Autumn Barrell - Melissa
Winter Cardinal
Winter Church
Winter Park
Winter Bird -
3 of a Kind
What's For Breakfast
Blue Butterfly
Boho Elephant
Cactus Party
Lake Sunset
Winter Stream
To The Moon
Midwest Sunset
City Romance
Barn Sunset
Autumn Brew
Green Mountain
Amber Woods
Bluebell Field
Looking out the Window
Love Flowers
Rocking Vase
Urban Colors
Wilderness Camping
Spooky Tree
Silver Fox
Sea Turtle
Santa Fe Party
Rocket Ship
Hanging Around
Flower Waterfall
Golden Forest
Llama Love
Love Birds on Pallet
Lucky Horseshoe
Montana Valley
Moon Phases
Winter Penguin
Christmas Sheep
Fall Vintage Truck
Flowering Tree
Halloween Kitty
I smell Children
Keeping it Green
Moon Forest
Winter Lightpost
Colorful Surprise
Covered Bridge
Desert Sky
Drink up Witches
Fall Bench
Holiday Crystals
Tree Party
A Walk in the Park
Blowing in the Wind
Christmas Barn
Christmas Delivery on Wood Pallet
Couples Retreat
Dreaming of the Beach
Whooooo are You?
Winter Barn
Ice Cream Party
Rainbow Unicorn
Sonoran Hope and Madness
Sunrise Barn
Teton Valley
The Possibilities
Turquoise Tree
Cock-A- Doodle - Doo
Olive Branch
Otter Fun
Peace Lily
Pineapple Delight
Sedona Sunset
Winter kitties
Winter Streetlight
Big Flower
City Scape
First Dance
Lemon Drop Martini
Pink Dahlia
Surfs Up
Welcome Fall
Big Sky Mountain
Snow Fox
Striped Vase
Sunset Valley
Triangle Trees
Vintage Hydrangeas
Easter Bunny
Fiery Sunset
Have you seen my eggs?
My Favorite Spot
Riding the Wave
Sunrise Barn
Valentines Day Gnome
You Grow Girl
Blue Forest - Ali
Down-n-Dirty -
Starry Night -
Eiffel Tower -
Bare Branches -
Button Tree -
Whimsical Cross -
Daisy Field -
Patriotic Barn -
Ride The Wave -
Rustic Shamrock on Pallet - Melissa
Cabin in the Woods - Molly
Ornaments -
Shamrock Vine -
Mountain Valley - Marie
Jelly Fish Fun -
Road Trip -
Sedona Sunset -
Soft and Delicate -
Wooden Spoon -
Early Snow -
Holiday Lights -
Moonset -
Flower Boots
Fall Vases - Katie
Black Bear - Kelly
Flower Ribbon - Kelly
Hey Lil Guy - Kelly
Steampunk - Melissa
Hey Charolette
Outta Space
Flying above the clouds
Witch dance
Deers under Starling
Fall Birch
Fall Gnome
pumpkin trio
hanging plant
Jack's Back
Modern Plants
Must be Italian
Red Balloon
Sea Horse
Snowman Joy
Kelly Witch
Abstract pumpkin
Red flower
Neon Cherries
Couples Beach
Sweet treats
Blue Dahlia
mardi gras
St Paddy's Gnome
Koi Fish
Easter Gnome
daisy's in a field
Planet love
Luck O Irish Gnome
Dublin Flowers
yellow flowers in a vae
Bee Happy
Tropical sunset
birds on a wire
Pink Peonies
Old GLory
Day into Night
Mushroom Wonderland
Sanderson Gnomes
Lets go trick or treating
Winding road
Teal pumpkis
Fairy tree
Skeleton ghost
Winter birch
Let IT snow
Holiday candles
Ostrich friends
Dancing butterflies
Santa Gnome
sweet kiss
loves embrace
Arms of Justice
blue jelly
Tree Frog
Purple butterfly
Peacock feather
Peacock Strut
Light up the sky
Skull flower
Water under the bridge
Holiday bouquet
Pineapple friends
Cactus to the sky
Guitar in Blues
A little Grinchy
Heart of Color
love birds on a pallet
heart flowers