Parking is limited downtown Bloomington.  We do not have a parking lot; it is public street parking. Please utilize the parking garage located on Center St. between Monroe and Market - plan accordingly.  Street parking MON-FRI prior to 6pm is only 90 min.   PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE 15MIN PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS; as painting begins promptly at class start time!  The studio will be open 30min prior to the start of class. Thank you!!


Classes & Parties

Paint your furbaby!


2.5 Hours


Our absolute favorite class! Yes - you heard it right; paint your pet night! Hosted ONCE A MONTH.  

We sketch it out - you paint it.  Portrait style!

How does it work? Once you confirm for class at the checkout, you will want to email us a photograph of your furbaby. Instructions are provided in your confirmation email following the checkout.

What To Expect

Our artists will sketch out your pet on the canvas prior to the day of class, and on the night of your class, you will paint your furbaby! Our local artist will help guide you, but please note; this is not a step-by-step class.  Our artist can give you tips and tricks and help you with color, but this is a free paint class.  It is a bit more challenging than our step-by-step classes, but everyone loves a challenge!!

You will have an amazing masterpiece of your special baby created all by yourself!

What To Know

  • Send a clean, clear photo of your pet, nothing blurry. If you have signed up for multiple pets, please send single pets at a time in each photo. (1x sketch per pet and booking).  1 PET PER BOOOKING/ PER PAINTING
  • The background of your painting will be a solid color - allowing you to spend time painting your pet.  So find a photo that is a great portrait of your pet - and do not worry about backrground items or toys.  We won't sketch those. 
  • Photos need to be emailed to the studio no less than 48 hours prior to class. If we do not receive your photo by the requested time, we cannot guarantee the sketch will be ready.
  • Send photos to
  • We do not have an age limit for class but recommend parental discretion for Friday and Saturday evening classes.
  • For any participants drinking alcohol – you must be at least 21 years of age and have valid identification.


  • The personalized photo sketch to paint your pet on the night.
  • Paint, the canvas, and the brushes.
  • Instruction from local artists.
  • Amenities, such as glasses, wine openers, ice, plates, and silverware.
  • Best of all, we clean up for you.

What To Bring

  • We are a complete BYOB (Bring your own booze).
  • Bring any drinks, alcoholic or NON, and your snack or food of choice.
  • Valid Identification Age 21+ for any alcohol consumption.
  • There is no dress code, but there is a possibility that you might get paint on your clothing. We will provide you with an apron but painters have been known to get involved in their work of art.