Parking is limited downtown Bloomington.  We do not have a parking lot; it is public street parking. Please utilize the parking garage located on Center St. between Monroe and Market - plan accordingly.  Street parking MON-FRI prior to 6pm is only 90 min.   PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE 15MIN PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS; as painting begins promptly at class start time!  The studio will be open 30min prior to the start of class. Thank you!!


Our Artists

Richelle Smith

"Hey there! I'm Richelle Priscilla, an artist who's been painting since I could hold a brush. After studying and earning my BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design, I've made my home in El Paso, IL, where I bring my creative visions to life. To me, art is pure magic – each stroke of the brush is like casting a spell, weaving together emotions and narratives. And I am so excited to help create masterpieces with each class I teach!"