Parking is limited downtown Bloomington.  We do not have a parking lot; it is public street parking. Please utilize the parking garage located on Center St. between Monroe and Market - plan accordingly.  Street parking MON-FRI prior to 6pm is only 90 min.   PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE 15MIN PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS; as painting begins promptly at class start time!  The studio will be open 30min prior to the start of class. Thank you!!


Our Artists

Melissa Sorensen

Since as far as I can remember I had a paint brush in my hand. Art was a major focus in high school for me; across all mediums including pottery.  Painting was always my favorite and felt a real connection. Despite being accepted to art school for college; life pulled me in a different direction - with another calling for many years. Although not always in the forefront, Art has always been the backbone of who I am. From commission to donation work; I have continued my passion for the arts. Merlot And A Masterpiece has given me an opportunity to share my passion to others, to help them relax, find some peace, and have fun!