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Danielle PergansonDanielle Lang

From an early age I started copying the doodles in my brother’s math notebook. Once I was old enough to start school, art became my favorite subject. I won an artist achievement award in middle school and beat out the upperclassmen after my design was chosen for the yearbook cover. Through high school I took as many art classes as I could to prepare myself for an art degree at ISU and I have just recently graduated!

I am very family oriented and just recently engaged. I am a complete people person after working in retail for two years, so I couldn’t be more excited to share my passion for art and painting with you!

Danielle’s Portfolio



IMG_1546Mandy Burge

I began drawing before I could even write.  It was always something that was instilled in me through watching my father and my grandmother do art.  When I was little and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always answered that I wanted to be an artist.

Through grade school I was known as an artist, doing artwork that often got confused with the high school art classes.  I took Art all four years of high school and won some shows.  I began to look to art as a career early on in college, declaring myself an Art Major.

Unfortunately, the circumstances of life caused me to have to work and let go of pursuing art as a college degree.  Since then it’s just been a hobby now and then, creating works as gifts for friends and family and decorating my own place.  Recently, I’ve been putting pieces up on Facebook and Instagram.  The responses I received were overwhelming!  I decided to put together a small portfolio.  When I heard that Merlot and a Masterpiece was looking for a day-time artist I jumped on the opportunity.

Merlot and a Masterpiece kick-started me on my journey back to that dream of being an artist and pursuing that as a career. 

Mandy’s Portfolio


IMG_3971Seth Gorden

Seth is a local, born and raised in McLean County. His artistic training has been gathered from classes at the McLean County Arts Center, from personal instruction by other local artists, and from a life of personal exploration in drawing, painting, and other hobbies. As an adult, he found his way into the local art community through First Friday events, through the McLean County Arts Center’s Annual Amateur Exhibition, and by sharing his paintings on the internet to stimulate conversation and personal growth in art.

Seth’s Portfolio


IMG_3972Jenny Kimble

Jenny Kimble is an abstract artist/illustrator who also works in mixed media. She has a unique, colorful style and loves using unconventional materials in her pieces along with acrylic paint, watercolors, pastels, and ink. Like most people, Jenny was working too many hours at a nine to five job, and fighting the frustration and battles that come with every day working life. She was unhappy with the time spent away from family. It was a week off from work that changed her life and her perception of how precious time really is. Jenny began painting and couldn’t stop. The colors and patterns poured out of her and she found passion in what she was creating. Giving up her freedom and returning to work was something she physically couldn’t bring herself to do, so she quit. For the first time in her life, she had no job, but felt free and happy with what was ahead of her. Along her journey, Jenny’s family has been very supportive and encourages her to follow her dreams. She has decided to do what makes her happy and cherishes the time she has with family.

Jenny’s Portfolio


HavenHaven Ryburn

I come from a long family line of artists, art and creativity come as naturally as breathing to me. It’s always been a huge part of my life. Both of my parents were incredibly gifted and always supplied me with all of the materials I could dream of.

In my early teens I began placing my work in shows and selling here and there. In high school I was lucky enough to be commissioned by an internationally known musician to paint one of his album covers. Recently I have been designing wine labels for the Three Wine Makers family brewery.

I am currently working two jobs and teaching here at Merlot and a Masterpiece where I have the opportunity to share my passion for art.

My favorite medium is watercolor and my favorite past time is listening to music while on a park swing.

Haven’s Portfolio


photo 1Ali Akyuz

Ali was born and raised in Denver, CO and moved to Bloomington-Normal to be with his fiancé while she attends graduate school at ISU. His background is in Art Education in which he has a Master’s Degree. Ali loves to experiment in many different media including painting, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, graphic design and ceramics. When he’s not making art, he loves making and listening to music and spending time outside.

Ali’s Portfolio




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